global warming作文 全球气候变暖The Global Warming

发表日期:2019-11-26 | 来源:秋分养生

People around the world may feel that the climate has been getting steadily warmer and warmer in recent years. Places which used to be abundant in snowfall have frequently experienced snowfree(无雪的) winters. Drought lasts longer in some dry areas. People f玉溪儿童癫痫医院,哪家靠谱ind that without air conditioners they could hardly work or fall asleep on hotter summer days.


The side effects of global warmi四川癫痫治疗哪个医院好ng are alarminS. A warmer global climate melts the ice caps, raising sea levels. What is more, it disturbs weather patterns, causing droughts, severe storms, hurricanes (飓风). People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming.


To stop global warming we should make immediate and continual efforts. We hope the situation will soon change. Global warming catches and holds our concern, for it affect癫痫病有哪些患病原因s us and will affect our later generations. We cannot wait any longer. Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.